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Dog Shaped Pillow from Your Photo Custom Print

Dog Shaped Pillow from Your Photo Custom Print

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Dog Shaped Pillow from Your Photo 

Hug Your Puppy Anytime!

My custom-shaped pillows are created from your photo, which means you can hug your puppy anytime you want. Great dorm pillows for your college student. 

Here's What You Need to Know

The pillows are created from your photo, so make sure that I get a photo that is in focus and exactly what you want for your pillow. 

  • The sizes are based on the fill and not the height and width of the image. I have found that the medium has the right amount of filling and the large is quite thick. I prefer the medium, but it depends on how thick you like your pillow.¬†
  • When I design the photo, I give the photo a bit of a white outline, which gives the pillow a bit of a buffer, so your image is not wrapped around the edges. In the sample images, you can see the outline. The photo shows shadows where the pillow folds, and the dark lines are not on the pillow itself.¬†
  • The exterior of the pillow is made from a smooth and soft plush polyester, and the filling is a thick polypropylene cotton. The cover comes with a zipper on it.
  • Note that the pillow filling is LOOSE inside, so if you wash the pillow, you need to take the stuffing out and re-stuff it with the filling. Or, you could buy the small pillow size and stuff it with more filling from somewhere like Joann's or Michaels.¬†
  • The pillow is printed the same on both sides and cannot be personalized since the reverse side reverses the text.¬†

Best Photos 

I used a full-body photo of Harry to create this pillow, but I found that maybe a head and shoulder front photo might work best. I did a graphic pillow of a unicorn that was just the head and shoulder, and it came out great. I included photos of that pillow. 

I will send a proof after I get your photo ready for the pillow. I want to make sure that your pillow is exactly like you expect. 

I will say that the pillow has been too realistic and I keep thinking that Harry is on the bed, which is one of the places he's NOT supposed to be! This pillow is so cute!


Because my production partner is outside of the U.S., shipping takes longer than any of my other products, so please make sure you give at least 2 weeks for arrival after we finalize your proof. If you're shopping for a gift, give yourself time to get it.

The pillow will be packed tight and wrapped up with both tape and plastic wrap, so take care when removing it from the package. No scissors! 


Ask me. I am happy to do other pillows besides your pup, so ask. 

Order your new dog shaped pillow now.

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